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Pastoral Team

Senior Pastor & First Lady

Mark L. Greenhouse


Michelle Greenhouse

Mark Greenhouse was born in Laurel, Mississippi but moved to Marksville, Louisiana when he was five years old. He has always had a strong belief in the Lord and was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. Mark left Louisiana in 1989 and relocated to California where he enlisted in the Navy and then went to college. He rededicated his life to Christ in 1996. He married his wife, Michelle, in 2002. Mark is a loving husband and an exceptional father to three beautiful children. Mark had his Calling from God in 2005, and he knew life would never be the same. He completed Bible College at the Water of Life School of Ministry in 2013. Mark says, “My life has been an amazing adventure from traveling the world as a young sailor, to stumbling through life. I have experienced things that were good and bad. I am growing and developing in the things of God, and the best thing I did was to accept the calling and apply the Word to my life. I was blind, but now I see. I am now ready to go out and do what God has called me to do….to win souls for his Kingdom.”

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